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No Tinder. No hot dates. How do young Muslims find love?

Speed-dating or a marriage agency? A look at the way British Muslims meet now

Carol Midgley

February 20 2017, 12:01am, The Times

Bella and Sabrina Nabi, Ashraf Mahmood and Dave Kudadia in Channel 4’s Extremely British Muslims

Thousands of young people in Britain are facing a crisis and it has nothing to do with tuition fees, jobs or getting insufficient likes on their selfies. This is a crisis of marriage. If you are a young, single British Muslim, finding a suitable spouse, especially before the optimum age of 30, has become fraught with difficulty and in many cases angst. Some of the older generation go so far as to call it a nightmare.

Caught between the cultures of east and west, between their 21st-century British lifestyles and the expectations of an older generation, many young Muslims are struggling to find a happy balance. Traditionally parents arranged their children’s marriages, often with a couple meeting for the first time on their wedding day. “Modern” Muslims have largely rejected this in favour of making their own choices, yet nothing has taken the old system’s place. And since Islam does not permit young people to have girlfriends and boyfriends, to “date” like their non-Muslim friends, how do they find a partner?

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